JKS (Jamana Ki Shanti) TV Show

is produced by Buddy Singh of New York and Wakenaam Guyana. The show erected in 2005 as a special dedication to Buddy’s late father Jamana Persaud Singh. As of today, Buddy is a strong supporter of our community promoting cultural talent. JKS TV Show brings to the community an immense array of singers, dancers and performers from the West Indies and around the globe as well as a strong community driven base of entertainers. The show highlights the best of the best in local and international talents from the East, West and Caribbean communities. JKS (Jamana Ki Shanti ) TV Show will feature Bollywood hits, Bollywood News, Chutney,Local Talents, Caribbean highlights and much more. The show airs every Saturday 7pm on Time Warner Cable channel 96. To audition or advertise on the JKS ( Jamana Ki Shanti ) TV SHOW call 646-320-4991 or email jkstvshow@yahoo.com . We offer excellent rates and great discounts for long term clients.

Host Terry Gajraj

Terry hails from Berbice, that part of Guyana that gave us such LEGENDS as Dr. Cheddi Jagan (former President of Guyana) and Rohan Kanhai (leader in the Sport of Cricket); so too, Terry is a leader in the field of music & is the unofficial goodwill Ambassador for Guyanese Music & Culture.

Terry Vivekanand Gajraj started singing as a little boy in the FYRISH ROAD Mandir where his Aja (Grandfather) was the Pandit (Priest). Terry’s Dad & Uncles (cha-cha) taught him to play various instruments such as the Dholak, Dantal, Harmonium, Keyboard & Guitar.

Terry is affectionately called the “GUYANA BABOO” after his biggest hit in 1992 that brought him international acclaim.

Terry is Guyana’s most charismatic and distinguished singer. Since his first record “Soca Lambada” was released in 1989, he has gone on to release over 25 more albums and has had number one records on all the Chutney charts in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. The 1990’s have undoubtedly been his decade, and the new millennium promises even more great things to come.

Here are some brief highlights of an eventful career.
  • Guyana’s most RECORDED artiste (29 albums and hundreds of songs over a 15 year span).
  • Guyana’s most TOURING solo singer (performs in all the major cities & countries including Surinam, Holland, England & Spain). One of his most prestigious shows was at Wembley Stadium in London.
  • Guyana’s most CONSISTENT performer – has performed non-stop … every single week, every single month & every single year for the past 15 years.
  • The 1st Chutney Singer to have his own WEBSITE (thanks to Chico Khan) to promote Chutney music worldwide.
  • Terry has represented Guyana @ all the major CARNIVALS in the world including Labor Day in NY, Caribana in Canada, Miami Carnival, Nottinghill in London & the Mother of all Carnivals – Trinidad & Tobago (Spektakula).
  • Terry was the first singer from the Caribbean to perform @ the Indian equivalent of the Grammys – the Millennium BOLLYWOOD Music Awards!
  • He is one of Guyana’s most VERSATILE singers and does everything from Bhagans, Filmi, Chutney, Soca, Calypso, Reggae and Ballads. The ballads on his #1 selling “Sweet Love Songs” were a sensational success & still a hot seller!.
  • The only Chutney singer from Guyana to perform with ALL the top names in the SOCA/ CALYPSO arena including the Mighty Sparrow, “Hot Hot” Arrow, Machel Montano, Calypso Rose, Byron Lee etc. etc.Terry considers himself honored to have performed with LEGENDS such as Sundar Popo, Sonny Mann, Ramdeo Chaitoe, Kries Ramkhelawan, Rikki Jai and celebrated Indian performers Babla and Kanchan.
  • Apart from being a prominent singer, Terry stands out from the crowded singing field ’cause he’s also a MUSICIAN. He has composed and played all of the music, including Guitar, for some of his songs including the hit “Tun Tun Dance”.Unlike the regular Rafi, Mukesh and Lata type singers/imitators, Terry also writes his own ORIGINAL LYRICS on songs about his Country, Love, Culture, Current Events and Heritage (“Indo-Caribbean Man”).

Terry would like to THANK all musicians, promoters, producers, distributors, radio, tv, friends and especially his family and fans for their support over the years.

He is an independent performer who prefers the freedom and personal touch of working directly with people and may be contacted as follows:
Tel: 860-918-4975 or 718-725-7570
Email: baaboog@gmail.com

“If all the other singers claim to be King of dis and King of dat… then, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the Ace… TERRY… GAJRAJ…”.