“Prem Bhakti Ki Awaaz” translates to the voice of love and devotion, expressing all of the love, and devotion of the many who come together to make this show a success. It is a show that was created from the vision of Pdt B Narayan Latchana (Pt baya) to exhibit the many talents of Hindu youths in the community, while propagating Hinduism’s rich culture. It is not a show created just for the youths of Prem Bhakti Mandir, but for all the youths in the Hindu Community. The youths participate by sharing their knowledge and talent on television, as well as youtube.The goal of this show is to capture the attention of other youths in order to educate them spiritually and provide them with inspiration through the medium of others just like themselves. This show strives to make children who aren’t really involved see the talents of others their age, and even younger, with the motive of inspiring them to get out their beds on a Sunday morning and become involved in their respective mandirs.

The show is a basic composition of youths from different organizations participating in different areas such as being the host of the show, chanting a prayer, or narrating a chapter of Bhagwans Kahani, such as Lord Krishna’s story from the Prem Sagar and Lord Ram’s story from the Ramayana. They can also simply express their love for God in the means of singing a bhajan or dancing a beautiful song. With a short message, this show brings the atmosphere and aspects of mandir and Hinduism to people at home.

This program is mainly coordinated by the Dharmic Dynamic youth group of Prem Bhakti Mandir, making Prem Bhakti Ki Awaaz to be a show about the youth, for the youths and by the youths. The work behind this project is very stressful adding on to the responsibilities in each persons day. But the backbone team behind this project are very dedicated and committed to propagating the rich culture of Satya Sanatan Dharma. These people are Amrish Seepersaud, Movina Seepersaud, Theresa Deepan, Priya Singh, Kevin Dass, Rishi Latchana and Devanand Das under the guidance and moral support of Pandit Baya and the Executive members of the Prem Bhakti Mandir.